Professional Grade Supplements

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Check out my online dispensary to shop professional grade supplements at 15% off, with free shipping on purchases over $50. 

Because sometimes you need more than food to reach your peak. 

If you need specific supplement guidance you may contact me with questions. Though I do not provide medical advice as I do not know your full health history, I may be able to answer questions you have. 

Pampered Chef Products

Check out Pampered Chef products that’ll have you cooking fast & fun meals all day long (or not all day, if you don’t want)!

Disclaimer: Below are my most favorite, game-changing kitchen tools.

Some of my Favorite Products:

Deluxe Cooking Blender, Garlic press, Citrus press, Measure-all cups, Deluxe electric grill & griddle, Mix ‘n Scraper, Batter Bowl, Rock Crock slow cooker set, Scraper set, Twixit! Clip set

Healthy Skin Glows

Do you crave healthy, glowing skin AND a healthy skin microbiome? (Yes, you’re skin has a microbiome too)! Through Sara’s step-by-step guidance you can rid your skincare routine of any damaging products without wondering if you’re doing it right!

Step by step skin rebalancing protocol for adult acne. Use safer ingredients to maintain the health of your skin microbiome and improve your adult acne.

Sara has a specific step-by-step protocol for adult acne, which is something I’ve struggled with sadly…but my skin has never been clearer, or healthier.

I can’t say enough!